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1. All fresh students must be cleared by the Admissions Officer.
2. All students must register at the beginning of each session for the courses prescribed by their Faculties.
3. Registration must be completed within the first 3 weeks of session.  Beyond that period an additional 2 weeks may be permitted for late registration  up to a limit of 5 weeks and on the payment of a late registration fee to be determined by Senate from time to time.
4. All registration (whether late or completed at regulation time) will stop  three weeks, prior to matriculation.
5. On no account will registration be permitted after matriculation.
6. The step-by-step registration process is as follows:
    (i) clearance by the Admissions Officer and collection of Registration forms from Academic Office;
    (ii) payment of prescribed fees and clearance from the Bursar;
    (iii) allocation of students into halls of residence for only those that have paid their fees;
    (iv) clearance by the Faculty Office;
   (v) completion of Registration Forms in consultation with the Heads of Departments concerned;
   (vi) submission of completed Registration forms; duly signed; to the Academic Office through the Faculty office;
  (vii) during the period of registration, all fresh students must register at the University Health Centre, Eye Clinic and Chaplaincy;
  (viii) a copy of the finally completed Registration Form must be collected from the Faculty Office to be kept by the student.

1. Students collect Course Registration Forms (five copies) at their departments upon evidence of payment of fees.
2. Students complete the Course Registration Forms and register for courses with their Departmental Registration Officer.
3. Completed course registration forms are submitted by students to the Departments for the Head of Department’s signature.
4. Head of Department forwards duly endorsed Course Registration Forms to the Faculty Office for the signature of both the Faculty Officer and the Dean.
5. The duly signed Course Registration Forms are sorted out at the Faculty Office and copies forwarded to the designated offices while the student’s copy is forwarded to the department for collection by students.

1. All fresh students, properly registered as indicated above, shall be
formally admitted into the University at a Matriculation Ceremony to
be conducted on a date specified by Senate.
2. It is compulsory for all fresh students to take the Matriculation Oath to be administered by the Registrar on the Matriculation Day.
3. A student becomes a bonafide student of the University only after taking the Matriculation Oath, signing the Matriculation Register and being allotted a Matriculation number.
4. For emphasis, no registration is allowed for any student after the Matriculation Day.

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