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VC Welcome Message

We are pleased to introduce Bowen University of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria, to you and hope that what you learn as you browse through our web site will give you insights into the many advantages the University has to offer.
Bowen University is a significant landmark in the academic heritage of its proprietor, the Nigerian Baptist Convention.  Students who attend Bowen  University find it to be a place where they can grow academically, morally and spiritually, in a Christian environment.  Bowen University is a community where educators, staff and students live and work in an atmosphere of mutual commitment in the richness of the Baptist tradition.  Our campus is characterized by academic and administrative staff who care about individuals and devote time to getting to know students.
Bowen’s uniqueness is the strong emphasis it places on Godliness as well as academic excellence, coupled with its profound stress on the importance of service to others as a meaningful way to develop values that will enrich the world.  Indeed, whether your interest lies in business, science, or the humanities, you will find at Bowen, a comprehensive center of learning – technologically on the cutting edge, internationally connected in terms of curriculum, and moving toward a diversity that reflects the realities of our world.
The beauty of our campus makes it an ideal atmosphere for learning, whether in the classroom, through academic and laboratory exercises, or through special projects, tutorials and assignments.  A full complement of extra-curricular activities allows our entire students or student body to enjoy special interests, share in the excitement of student life and develop leadership skills that reflect individual competence.
I have had the pleasure of being involved in higher education for more than 30 years but I can think of no greater challenge than being a part of the Bowen experience, as it prepares credible graduates to be leaders that are productive, effective, honest, focused, and God fearing.
Welcome to Bowen University.  We hope to meet you in person.


If you are in search of a conducive learning environment that guarantees success, high ethical and moral standards, then BUI is for you.
The teaching style at BUI is friendly and emphasizes the active and creative participation of students in the learning process.  Students graduating from Bowen University would have learned at least four things:

1. How to communicate effectively
2. How to create
3. How to criticize constructively
4. How to be a good citizen

Bowen University hopes to produce well-qualified graduates by making conducive learning facilities available to prospective students.  These include a serene, beautiful and peaceful environment, experienced and qualified lecturers, up to date and well stocked libraries, internet access, hostels, cafeteria, health centre, lecture rooms, sports and recreational facilities.  Faced with the new challenges of globalization, BUI’s curricula have been designed to ensure that our graduates meet the demands of today’s job market.

The mission is to provide high quality, morally sound and socially relevant education in the most cost-effective manner to its students irrespective of gender, race, colour, ethnicity or religion.  The University will develop, promote and be run as a unique Christian institution with the following distinctive features:

(a) Unquestionable Christian morality
(b) Vocational and apprenticeship orientation towards the full employment of its products.
(c) A work-study programme of activities to instill work ethics and self-reliance in students.

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